Planning and Punctuality

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Today I want to speak about Planning and Punctuality
Our scripture reading comes from the Book Matthew 25:1-13

““At that time the Kingdom of heaven will be like this. Once there were ten young women who took their oil lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish, and the other five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any extra oil with them, while the wise ones took containers full of oil for their lamps. The bridegroom was late in coming, so they began to nod and fall asleep. “It was already midnight when the cry rang out, ‘Here is the bridegroom! Come and meet him!’ The ten young women woke up and trimmed their lamps. Then the foolish ones said to the wise ones, ‘Let us have some of your oil, because our lamps are going out.’ ‘No, indeed,’ the wise ones answered, ‘there is not enough for you and for us. Go to the store and buy some for yourselves.’ So the foolish ones went off to buy some oil; and while they were gone, the bridegroom arrived. The five who were ready went in with him to the wedding feast, and the door was closed. “Later the others arrived. ‘Sir, sir! Let us in!’ they cried out. ‘Certainly not! I don’t know you,’ the bridegroom answered.” And Jesus concluded, “Watch out, then, because you do not know the day or the hour.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭25:1-13‬ ‭GNT‬‬
In our daily lives we always have this belief of African time, but did this African time made us to ignore the concept of punctuality and proper planning?

I’ve seen so many of us getting to Church late or on our own time.

At times we won’t even attend a Church service when it’s to cold or it’s raining yet in the same vein we will do all in our power to be on time for our employment. We’ll go to our workplaces in the worst of weather conditions, so can I say we use Our Provider as an emergency supply. Don’t get me start on our dress code. We will wear formal all week to our places of employment but coming to Church it looks as if we’re going to a Night Club.

Beloveds please don’t misunderstand me, I’m one of those who will occasionally be punctual. As people who normally fly from one destination or city to another, we are reminded that we must be on time, that is not negotiable. In some cases we will be hours early at the Airport fully prepared for our trip.

Coming back to the scripture today we also have the wise and unwise, those who will prepare fully whilst others are just joyriders.

Beloveds just close your eyes, Church services starts at 10 as per announcement, you arrive 10h10 in order to avoid greeting your brothers and sisters that you might last have seen a Sunday ago, only to find, yes don’t be surprised, only to find no one at the Church building. What will your immediate reaction be? Maybe the Church started earlier? Maybe they visit another Church today? Maybe I didn’t hear correctly? Lots of questions will run through your head. Beloveds dress code should not be a problem, workplaces however has dress codes and we stick to such. I might be Old School but if one can dress formal to the workplace what makes the Church different? Let’s now focus on planning, we’ve heard five of the virgins were ready, as we read this are we ready to meet the bridegroom?

Imagine doors are being closed in our faces because of poor planning.

I for one don’t believe in the excuse of African time, for me 10 is not for half past 10.

Beloveds did you realize the closer you stay to a venue, the least punctual you are.

That behavior in itself can be detrimental meaning if the door is closed in your face, just imagine the disappointment.

So let’s go out there meet our bridegroom on time and enjoy the party.

The Lost SON….

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As we start with Today’s proceedings let me open the Service with words from the Book of Romans – let me tell you a secret, Romans 10:14 is amongst my favorite verses – it reads as thus “14 But how can they call to him for help if they have not believed? And how can they believe if they have not heard the message? And you how can they hear if the message is not proclaimed?

Our scripture reading for today come from the Book
Luke: chapter 15 verses 11 to 32

Luke 15:11-32
The Lost Son –

Beloveds you’ll remember I’ve started this service with an excerpt from
Romans 10, if we read further verse 15 says:
How can the message be proclaimed if the messengers are not sent out?
Beloveds we are those messengers – As the scripture says:
“How wonderful is the coming of messengers who bring Good News!”

Now back to today’s message which I titled:
“Do we, Did we or Are we creating Lost Sons or daughters?”

This scripture beloveds; is a love story, it’s a story of sacrifice and forgiveness. It’s a story that unites the family in the end! It’s a story like most other stories as told on TV, stories with happy endings…

Scripture teaches us that this Father had two sons –
We are informed, as we work our way through this passage of scripture that the younger son wanted out, and to do his own thing.
Beloveds: Maybe the Father didn’t want to give in, the Father might have known that the world out there can be cruel; maybe this younger son nagged and nagged daily? Maybe the younger son even threatened his Father that he won’t work anymore, maybe there was frequent conflict between the sons. In order to avoid conflict the Father might have gave into this demands.
Beloveds this left me with lots of questions, can we assume that in our lives today our children manipulate us easily? I’m asking beloveds; who told this younger brother that he’s entitled to half the property? Another question: Once the younger brother took his half, was the Father still entitled to any part of the property?
That dear beloveds was not made known to us – we do however hear when the elder son complained that the Father reassured him that whatever they own they shared, beloveds what I’m trying to share is: in our lives today, our parents, our elders worked all their lives and went through difficult times in their respective workplaces. They managed to secure some form of retirement and or pension funds: remember the purpose for this savings is to sustain them through their last or golden years, what do we do beloveds, we manipulate them, just as the case with this younger son.
We want and want and want, what are the parents doing? They give into our demands.

As we’re attached to generational curses: They don’t want the children to have too many hardships.
Beloveds today as younger parents present in Church, whether we had difficulty during our upbringing or not, we always say even if it’s silently to ourselves… as I’m saying we believed in generational curses, we don’t want our children to go through the same challenges we went through.
Beloveds Maybe that’s why the Father gave up half of what he owned.

Further in the passage of scripture we learn that the young son sold all his property, whom he sold his half to, is also not known to us? I for one would’ve hoped he could’ve sold to his Father. What is known is; that he left with all the money to a far country, scripture also informs us; this was where he wasted the money recklessly.
Beloveds I can tell you today: if we don’t work or earn something through our own hardwork and sweat, then we tend to spend it easily or recklessly.
It reminds me of an Afrikaanse gesegde “Erfgeld is swerfgeld” or easy come easy goes.

As we continue with the passage of scripture we learn that: Famine come and the young son was reminded of all the Good things at home, in the far country he had to stay with pigs, whereas at home the servants of his Father lived in luxury.

Beloveds back to the Father: His Father was, since the younger son left home under severe stress.
To make a real live example: You will also remember as parents with teenagers or young adults, we always worry where our children are, and or what they’re doing!
If our children go on camp or away from home for a few days, we will definitely check up on them or we’ll be worried as that is a natural response:

My question dear beloveds
Did the Father created this lost son?
What would have happened if he didn’t divide the property?
Do we create lost sons and daughters?
Do we exchange parenting by giving money instead of spending half an hour of our time with our sons or daughters?

We were told in Sunday School that the Father sat daily at what I can imagine as either under a tree infront of the house close to the gate, or on a stoepie, starring at the long road, hoping the son will come back home.
This apparently went on for some time.
I can just assume that the parent / father in this parable was praying daily for the lost son.
After some time, the prayers was answered and the Son decided to go back home, to plead for forgiveness.

The rest of the story was that the Father forgave, dressed and slaughter to welcome the son back.

My take is beloveds: If the Father didn’t give into the demands of the younger son then it wouldn’t have caused so much stress, division and pain.

In conclusion-
Sometimes we hide behind our busy schedules or some form of guilt in order to avoid having to say ‘no’ to people, even if it is our children.
Sometimes we create divisions in our own homes in order to satisfy a few, or satisfying the immediate.
Sometimes we make promises and or agreements that will cost us dearly in the end.

Beloveds today Jesus want to teach us the art of saying NO and not create lost sons or daughters:
Beloveds there’s nothing wrong in saying NO, please don’t lie, please don’t make excuses, please don’t over explain yourself.

…Just simply decline…

Jesus knew when to get involved, and when not to.
We must Learn from Him.
Beloveds: You’ll never be able to respond effectively if you feel obligated to meet every need all the time.

Our challenge for 2016 is:
Let’s go out there and win those lost sons and daughters.


SO many questions… SO little answers…

Happy Mothersday

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With Mother’s Day approaching…Thought I should just remind you how special you are. You might not be a mother yet, but you may be a girlfriend, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a god mother….etc. To those who have recently given birth…Congrats Those who are pregnant… You are carrying the most precious cargo…stay healthy and enjoy the 9 months. Those who have miscarried…stay strong, everything happens for a reason. Those who have conceived and don’t know it yet…prepare yourself for the best experience of your life. Those who are looking after their siblings…you are doing a great job. Those who have adopted….We need more angels like you. Those who have aborted…the world might be judging you…..but you had your reasons. Those who are single moms…You are our sheros, stay strong. Those who have recently lost their mothers, aunts, sisters, wives & girlfriends…I sympathise, they are at a better place but their spirit lives on. Those who have mothers but do not get along with…..if the relationship is worth fixing, then fix it and don’t regret later. The list goes on and on.…God has a plan for all of us. Regardless of what happens or does not happen, everything happens for a reason Always know that you are special and never settle for less. Happy Mother’s Day ….remember God loves you………….

We read in the Bible – God’s Word; that those who deny Him will be denied? I know it is easy for us to say that we are Christian or following the Christian religion, do we however walk in the light?

On a few occasions I have overheard Ordinary People, Radio Talk Show Hosts and Politicians making it clear that they do not believe in a God or in GOD The Creator, GOD The Almighty. Some of my associates even make it clear that you cannot believe in something that you cannot see. I however find it difficult to debate around issues of Religion; I can try but will not impose – because as Christians who had the privilege to walk with God we are ordered as in Matthew 28:18-20 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

My question however remains: IF you do not believe in GOD, whom do you call for help in times of challenges, in sicknesses, in short whom do you believe in? I know lots of people believe that some events happen linked to a scientific explanation, I on the other hand believe the opposite, there is just too many coincidences.

I watched a movie recently named The Encounter about people stranded in the middle of nowhere on a deserted roadside diner. An arrogant businessman made it clear that he don’t believe that there is a God or in a GOD, quite shocking I must admit. God’s Word is clear: “I am the light of the world.
He who believes in me shall not perish.” He had a chance to meet with His maker but decided not to belief. (Freedom of Choice).

An atheist who set out to refute the Bible found himself during research accepting the Bible as God’s Word because of his archaeological discoveries. Many people regard prophecy as mystical, strange and unreal, with no relevance to their lives. They have almost no understanding of what prophecy is all about. Others, having encountered grossly distorted interpretations of Bible prophecy, have grown skeptical and disillusioned. However, when properly understood, the Bible speaks with a clear, consistent and reliable message that is just as appropriate for us as it was for the people of ancient Israel.


Bible prophecy often reveals specific events and sequences of events. But rarely does it reveal the exact time when events will occur.


So how do we convince the unconverted, how do we convince the ones who don’t want to be convinced, how do we convince those doubting, how do we convince those who betray our Creator?


SO many questions… – SO little answers…

Walking With Jesus!

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Waking up at 2am is not always pleasant but it is necessary,while I’m at it I’m thinking/communicating/meditating/walking with Jesus, and I once again realize that Gods promises remains real.

Ever travelling at night on a deserted road and whilst communicating with God a reassuring conscious reminds you that He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you, reassuring isn’t it?

His Word is clear, the sun won’t harm you during the day, neither will the moon cause any troubles. He is our Guardian. Gods promises is also to be found in Jeremiah 29:11 I (GOD) know the plans I (GOD) have for you. God is the one who prepare the table for you before your enemies.

God bless you despite your shortcomings. His words and promises remains the same, see Numbers 6:24-26, GOD will and can Never change,He does NOT keep records from wrongs.

How Great is our GOD!

Happy New Year

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We meet so many friends on cyberspace and even whether we have the means or not, we’re not always extending an olive branch. Since I join social media, specifically facebook in 2008 I met so many people on cyberspace, but how many of them did I really meet and greet, only a few I would say, so what is the purpose of cyberspace or social media then, I know we have safety concerns but I want to believe that not everyone is a predator.


The best part of social media for me is the instant interaction, the sharing of information, the welcoming, the praise, the competition. I must admit that throughout this few years on cyberspace I’ve build relationships, that is spreading and sharing God’s word, sharing and sparing a thought on actual events, sharing information, becoming a intercessor during prayer requests, a word of encouragement here, a quote there. I’ve also met likeminded individuals on both facebook and twitter.


I must admit to sign in to social media become an addiction and with so many followers on your timeline you cannot always interact with everyone. I however try to interact as often as possible as Blackberry made it possible for a 24hour online presence. I also make it a point to respond as fast as I can on twitter/DM or facebook/inboxes depending on relevance. It was a sad day to sign on only to hear that one of the guys I’ve interacted regularly with had passed on.

I was filled with mixed emotions as I might have had the opportunity to meet with the person in person but failed,Dante Bello made me realize even more that tomorrow is NOT promised to ANYONE. His last words on social media was: God Has Been Faithful… So I am Grateful…and #MyEyeOpeningLessonIn2011 – Becareful who you ask for help or share your problems with – B E V E R Y C A R E FU L. I was a follower of his work online Dante Bello was indeed a poet. Reading his blog gives so much insight “”


A lesson for 2012 would be not to procastinate, if we say we’ll meet let’s meet because tomorrow might be too late. A colleague of mine once said: “It’s not the pace of life that concerns me. It’s the sudden stop at the end.”


With this in mind, wishing ALL of you a prosperous leap year!


SO many questions – SO little answers…

A letter from Jesus

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Christmas is glorious
Of its Holy gift we sing
Of a manger and baby
Our blessed newborn king

Thanksgiving is so grand
Our thanks to God we give
For His unending bounty
Gracing each day we live

A letter from Jesus

As you well know, we are getting closer to my birthday.  Every year there is
a celebration in my honor and I think that this year the celebration will be

During this time there are many people shopping for gifts, there are many
radio announcements, TV commercials, and in every part of the world everyone
is talking that my birthday is getting closer and closer.

It is really very nice to know, that at least once a year, some people think
of me.

As you know, the celebration of my birthday began many years ago.

At first people seemed to understand and be thankful of all that I did for
them, but in these times, no one seems to know the reason for the

Family and friends get together and have a lot of fun, but they don’t know
the meaning of the celebration. I remember that last
year there was a great feast in my honor. The dinner table was full of
delicious foods, pastries, fruits, assorted nuts and
chocolates. The decorations were exquisite and there were many, many
beautifully wrapped gifts.

But, do you want to know something? I wasn’t invited.

I was the guest of honor and they didn’t remember to send me an invitation.

The party was for me, but when that great day came, I was left outside, they
closed the door in my face… and I wanted to be
with them and share their  table.

In truth, that didn’t surprise me because in the last few years all close
their doors to me. Since I wasn’t invited, I decided to
enter the party without making any noise. I went in and stood in a corner.

They were all drinking; there were some who were drunk and telling jokes and
laughing at everything. They were having a grand time.

To top it all, this big fat man all dressed in red wearing a long white
beard entered the room yelling Ho-Ho-Ho!  He seemed drunk. He sat on the
sofa and all the children ran to him, saying:  “Santa Claus, Santa Claus” as
if the party were in his honor!

At midnight all the people began to hug each other; I extended my arms
waiting for someone to hug me and do you know no-one hugged me.

Suddenly they all began to share gifts.  They opened them one by one with
great expectation. When all had been opened, I looked to see if, maybe,
there was one for me.  What would you feel if on your birthday everybody
shared gifts and you did not get one?

I then understood that I was unwanted at that party and quietly left.

Every year it gets worse.  People only remember the gifts, the parties, to
eat and drink, and nobody remembers me.

I would like this Christmas that you allow me to enter into your life.

I would like that you recognize the fact that more than two thousand years ago
I came to this world to give my life for you, on the
cross, to save you.

Today, I only want that you believe this with all your heart.

I want to share something with you. As many didn’t invite me to their party,
I will have my own celebration, a grandiose party
that no one has ever imagined, a spectacular party. I’m still making the
final arrangements…

Today I am sending out many invitations and there is an invitation for you.
I want to know if you wish to attend and I will make a reservation for you
and write your name with golden letters in my great guest book.

Only those on the guest list will be invited to the party.

Those who don’t answer the invite, will be left outside. Be prepared because
when all is ready you will be part  of my great

See you soon. I Love you!